Thursday, 26 January 2017

Good Samaritan.

My mate became a Good  Samaritan and offerd me a lift to see the Pacific Diver at DB country park. I gratefully accepted as ive not seen a new species for a few years.

Its a while since ive ventured the coast, so it came as a surprise at the development of the wind turbines and other works that are swallowing our green spaces.

On arrival  we could see a number of folks already admiring the bird so we headed down towards the waterside. I had to off road the Rollator bt the terrain stopped me getting to the waters edge, so i had to settle for being a bit further away looking over peoples heads.

The diver showed well and explained the many great photos ive seen of it, it hunted for its food constantly, and its clearly content with its current home.  I managed a few photos of this bonny bird.

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