Friday, 28 November 2014

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

No Fog on the Tyne

Dont do much photography these days, only got a small compact camera, a few from October showing the Coaly Tyne. Once we provide coal for the country, now we have shipments of coal arriving from Russia.

These days, its all about riverside homes, and the Quayside home to pubs and artistic venues. The Nice  in 1969 released the Five Bridges suite, now there are seven, with the Millenium Bridge a welcome addition.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hello Winter.

Brief visit to St Marys on the first day of what i consider Winter. It was warm to start with but soon turned chilly, chatting to SP at the point when i saw a Woodcock come in of the sea, SP obliged with an adult Med gull, onward and chatting to a couple of birders when a dogwalker came up and described a bird he had seen which i thought  would be a Black Redstart which it proved to be. YB warbler in the crooked lonnen, and to finish off a near perfect day, Toon beat Liverpool 1-0 Pardew for a Knighthood.

Bye Autumn.

Well Autumn has gone, and even though classic conditions were lacking still October gave one last hurrah.

St Marys on Thursday expecting to just have a light birdtrack count, and it was viz mig heaven.

A constant stream of thrushes in off the sea, with Fieldfares and and Blackbirds to the fore, Redwings and Songthrush also in good numbers.

2 Black Redstarts, and 2 owls one def a SE owl, good numbers of Goldeneye, Red-throated divers, C Scoters, also LT duck, RB mergansers, Med and Little gull, Brent geese, Teal, Wigeon, as well as resident species of seabirds.

Blackcap and Stonechat showed well, cracking day with good company. 63 species noted, and i missed a few.