Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hello Winter.

Brief visit to St Marys on the first day of what i consider Winter. It was warm to start with but soon turned chilly, chatting to SP at the point when i saw a Woodcock come in of the sea, SP obliged with an adult Med gull, onward and chatting to a couple of birders when a dogwalker came up and described a bird he had seen which i thought  would be a Black Redstart which it proved to be. YB warbler in the crooked lonnen, and to finish off a near perfect day, Toon beat Liverpool 1-0 Pardew for a Knighthood.


  1. Hi Brian - Have found your missing "eye cup" that you thought you lost at BW. Alan J.

  2. Cheers John, wont be out for a couple of weeks,so i will give you a buzz so i can arrange a pick up.

    Ta very much.

    1. Brian,
      Alan Johnson has it. Drop him an email at


  3. Cheers John ,will do thanks for the heads up.