Thursday, 21 May 2015

Quick update

Went to the lake the other day, sadly the grebes have deserted the nest and no eggs, cause unknown.

Mutes have 4 cygnets, the first young ive seen this year, perpetual cold must be having an effect.

Started to feel ill, so off home, barely made it to my front door, and i have spent the last few days in bed.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Decline and Fall

Of late ive become disillusioned with the standards of birding that now apply. No longer the simple days of going out and enjoying your hobby for the sheer enjoyment of reveling in contact with the natural world.

Sharing information was a privilege that others more experienced would only do once they were sure that you could be trusted to act accordingly. These days with the web, pagers and phones it rapidly gets into the public domain.

Recent talks with others have not surprised, that info is now being withheld to prevent the hordes turning up and disturbing the wildlife concerned. Recent behavior at a site has caused disturbance that is completely unnecessary, and because of a pet lip on another info is being broadcast from someone just out of a fit of pique.

I wished i could believe it will improve, sadly i think it will decline further. Our wildlife faces enough pressures with persecution, farming practices, and habitat destruction, the last thing it needs is bad human behavior adding to the woes.