Sunday, 19 October 2014

Disappointed 2

Had a loose day as no migration weather, so off to the Baltic for a gawk at the modern art. What a waste of time, only two floors with owt on, one a film using honey bees was only operating occasionally and the ground floor consisted of about 8 objects seeming made of plaster of paris covered cloth over shapes. Is this really what passes for modern art ?

The building itself looks neglected, loads of lamps out, cables hanging loose on the staircase areas closed off, as i worked on this building i could not help feel its in need of a bit of TLC, the staff scattered about looked bored, and the shops seemed stocked with tat.

The views from the top were worth the trip, but im afraid its gone downhill as a gallery, over the bridge to return home, as ever the quayside was busy, but the bus service was very poor, seemed to be few buses on the go. Is it the cuts or does someone need a boot up their backside, gannin backwards. At least the Toon managed a first win, and even better the Makems were slaughtered 8 - 0.

Although it would be a lifer there was no way i could stand next to the Stadium of Plight to see the Olive Backed Pipit, my conscience would not let me  :):):)

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