Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to age Birders.

Fully Fledged.

Recently left the nest, hence the slightly ragged plumage, and not fully developed submoustachial stripe. If found in this condition, do not pick up as the parents may still be around keeping an eye on the offspring. Above all do not feed as it will eat anything, not always in its best interests.

Breeding plumage.

Much more fully developed, display includes chest plumage that allows ID of sub species, ( Frankie Says, Ban the Bomb, Che Guava, etc.) Please note moustachial stripe well developed by now.

Post breeding.

Often flocks with other birders once its breeding potential is over, always handy as grouping can provide better feeding opportunities and defense from predators.  Observe the use of camouflage so it wont stand out in said group.

Fully Mature.

By now said specimen is fully mature, spends a lot of time in hiding only emerging to add to its list which seems to be important for reasons we cant yet understand. By now its once bright appearence has turned to a overall dull and sombre look. Its calls harken back to earlier times mimicking obscure prog rock.

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