Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Well ive been back in hospital again, seems i was rushed out to soon, and infection set in again. This time i was told they would remove the rest of my toes, not the best of news.

On the day of the op, i was given insulin, too much it turned out and i felt very unwell by the time i arrived at theater, still anesthetic duly given and i was in dreamland, on awakening in recovery i was surprised to see my toes still there. They had cleaned up the wound and felt it would be enough, time will tell.

Over the ensuing days i experienced both the best of the NHS and the worst, back home now and being cared for by the district nurses, still not mobile, last time i was out birding  was 20th May when i became ill. It seemed all the Grebes at the lake had failed and im not sure if this is still the case.

Cant see me getting far for a while, getting stir crazy.


  1. Your correct about the grebes Brian. They did rebuild another nest and it looked to be going well. Then when the eggs were ready to hatch the grebes have left the nest and are not to be seen. I have found no evidence of egg remains. This pair maybe inexperienced. Not sure at all why the more mature pair failed to nest on the large lake after several attempts. Makes me wonder what has changed/what is going on?

  2. Such a shame Brian, there was some disturbance by over keen photographers, and the so called reedbed is a joke. Itneeds replanting with reeds and that surrounding wire removed with entry points provided for the birds.

    Thanks for the wishes, ot sure when i willl be out again.

  3. Glad to see you've been out and about Brian.
    Don't get me started on that damn reed-bed that isn't. It is supposed to have cost £1.000s. If it did it was a total waste of council tax payers money and is a complete sham.
    Keep smiling :-)